Person-to-person payments.

Our social platform for payments creates a richer, one-of-a-kind social payments experience for your consumers. And we make the transaction so seamless and secure; all it takes is a social ID connection.

Our P2P payments technology enables:

  • Send or request

    Money, airtime, vouchers, and other values over any social channel

  • Group payments

    Send or request for payments to or from a group of people through any social or messaging platform

  • Split upon receipt

    Choose to split the funds received, between a credit card and a bank account, for example

When a payment is initiated, a “fastalink” is generated and a payment is sent to the receiver via the social or messaging channel selected by the sender. All the receiver has to do is click the fastalink to complete the transfer.

Security is our priority

Our technology platform is anchored on industry-grade security. We work closely with our partners to follow AML/KYC regulations as mandated in each market so both you and your consumers are assured of secure payments and peace of mind.


Fast & seamless social integration

We make it easier for you to go social.

By partnering with us, you will be able to plug into our platform through a single point of integration, granting you access to multiple social channels. Save time, money and the hassle of building your own platform and individual integration with various social networks.

As your turn-key social payments partner, we work with you to define the user experience and integrate social seamlessly into all aspects of your product, drive consumer acquisition, and encourage usage.

More than money

Our fastalink technology also supports the transfer of airtime, gaming credits, coupons, vouchers, prepaid cash-cards, and more.

Your consumer can also send a photo of last night’s party to a friend across Facebook along with a fastalink requesting payment for their part of the bill, or they can receive payments from friends simply by posting the photo of a meal receipt attached to a fastalink on a group chat. The options are endless.

Interested to find out more?

Request for a demo, get your questions answered or ask for one of our experts to get in touch with you.