Person-to-merchant payments.

We bridge the gap between retail and social payments with our innovative person-to-merchant payment solutions.

Our fastalink technology lets you be more creative in the way you engage your consumers as we enable all payment types directly for merchants, with a social element.

Both brick-and-mortar and commerce merchants are supported by our fastalink technology. For offline businesses, your consumers can order goods via your app and pay for the good using a fastalink, in the form of a QR code or barcode.

The same can be applied for purchase via online sites. The redemption mode using a fastalink is not limited to QR codes or links - it can be determined by you, too.

Your consumers can also gift a purchase over social using our technology.

Our technology is powerful from a marketing standpoint too – your consumers can receive customised offers and loyalty rewards based on their location and usage patterns.

Request to pay

Our Request-to-Pay feature is one-of-a-kind - your consumers can send a request to another to pay for their purchase.

“Mom, I need to purchase books for the new term. Can I have your credit card please?”
“That's a huge purchase for the office. There's got to be an easier way than putting in a claims request for this!”
“I can't use my bank account details to purchase this. I can ask my boyfriend for his debit card details.”

Our Request-to-Pay function addresses all these and more.

  • Insufficient funds, or payment method not accepted?

    Your consumers can send a Request-to-Pay to a family member, friend or even boss – easily and securely through any social or messaging channel to complete the purchase.

  • A new seamless, transactional flow

    The purchaser effectively onboards the payer for you. All that’s needed is a connection between the two individuals through an integrated social app.

  • More completed transactions

    Request-to-Pay reduces cart abandonment rate and cash on delivery payments – thus minimising logistical challenges.

  • Happier consumers

    Your consumer isn’t left disappointed if they don’t have the payment method to complete the purchase.

The Request-to-Pay function can be triggered by the end consumer or by the merchant. 
For the end consumer, Request-to-Pay extends a new channel to complete the transaction. At the point of purchase, the requester initiates a Request-to-Pay. The purchase details are sent via a fastalink to the payer through a social or messaging channel of choice. The payer just needs to click the fastalink and input their payment details to complete the purchase.
For merchants, a Request-to-Pay with billing details can be sent to consumers to collect payment. This is especially useful for recurring payments such as subscriptions or bill payments”.
What’s more, the Request-to-Pay function is easily integrated into your payment process as it’s present only at the check-out process

Secure payments for you and your consumers

Our technology platform ensures that all payment details are kept anonymous and secure when sharing through social channels. We work closely with our partners to follow regulations and best practices in each market so both you and your consumers have a frictionless social payments experience.


Smoother payment flow for all P2M payments

We ensure an effortless integration within the checkout process so the shopping experience and flow doesn’t need to be broken. Your consumer doesn’t need to exit your app to share their payments and purchases via social.

This keeps your consumer in your brand space for longer, increasing their engagement with your brand. And because we are an agnostic platform, you have the power to engage your consumers on any social channel they prefer to use.

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