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Power your business with our highly adaptable technology that builds on your consumers’ ever-changing digital social behaviour. Find out fastacash mobile and social wallet solutions for wallet service company.

Social payment solution for wallet service providers

Can your consumers make and share payments seamlessly without leaving your brand space today?

With fastacash, you can keep them within your brand environment as we enable the transfer of value to be sent and shared through social channels – without your consumer ever needing to leave your app. Your consumers can make and share payments, and even request their friends to make payments on their behalf with our technology.

And we make the transfer as simple as sending a message on any messaging apps. With such a seamless user experience, you’ll get more consumers wanting to use your mobile payments app resulting in a higher take-up rate.

Securing your app

We’ve built a robust platform where security is at the core of what we offer and we work closely with you to follow regulations as mandated in each market. Our multiple layers of security protect your consumers’ transaction details, and can be enhanced or adapted depending on your requirements.


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