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Power your business with our highly adaptable technology that builds on your consumers’ ever-changing digital social behaviour. Find out fastacash money transfer solutions for social and messaging platform.

Social payment solutions for social & messaging platforms

Your consumers already spend a good portion of each day on social channels sharing micromoments about their lives. And this often includes sharing their excitement over their latest purchases, be it fashion, accessories, gadgets or a holiday they’ve just splurged on.

Why shouldn’t you tap into this market by adding a robust social payment feature within your social network or messaging app?

Through our expertise in user experience, we’ll create a richer, more enjoyable experience for your consumers when they make payments and transfer value via your social media channel and messaging platforms – without leaving your app or platform environment.

We work closely with you through a partnership approach to interweave your consumers’ social behaviour closely with your brand and product to bring social and messaging commerce to the next level.

Helping you build secure social transactions for your consumers

The fastalink technology ensures that payments made and shared across your platform reaches the intended recipient. Our technology is encrypted with multiple layers of security, which can be added or removed depending on your requirements.


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