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Power your business with our highly adaptable technology that builds on your consumers’ ever-changing digital social behaviour. Find out fastacash retail payment solutions for retailer and e-commerce industry.

Social payment solution for retailers & e-commerce

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a sale at the point of checkout or earlier, simply because your app interface / e-commerce checkout options are not user-friendly or intuitive enough, or because your consumer does not have sufficient payment methods.

But with our agile fastalinks and revolutionary Request-to-Pay feature, you can reduce the number of such orphan transactions – while increasing your sales.

We know what your consumers are looking for: convenience, easier-to-use wallet interfaces, loyalty and rewards programmes, more businesses that accept mobile payments and more devices that support such payments.

Ultimately, they just want a great customer experience. And we’ll offer them that together with you, by creating richer mobile payments experiences with more advanced and comprehensive features.

We work closely with you through a co-branding and co-marketing with the ultimate aim of driving up sales for you.

Secured payments

Payments that are made or shared are encrypted with multiple layers of security, which can be added or removed depending on your requirements.


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