One technology,
many possibilities.

Power your business with our highly adaptable technology that builds on your consumers’ ever-changing digital social behaviour. Find out fastacash payment gateway solutions for payment service providers.

Social payment solutions for payment service providers

Most payment service providers are simply not reaching enough end-users with their own wallets. fastacash can make it happen.

We enhance cross-border and domestic payments by bridging the gap between payments, social messaging networks and apps, and you.

With fastacash, your consumers can transfer money easily and securely across borders via social and messaging channels to their friends and family, regardless of currency. They can also make direct payments to merchants, efficiently and with a smoother payment flow.

We understand how the payments systems are built, and our insights into mobile payment behavior and the opportunities in the mobile sharing economy can help you stake your place in this environment.

We adhere to your security standards

Security is at the core of what we offer, as it is for your business. Our technology is encrypted with multiple layers of security, which can be added or removed depending on your requirements.


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