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Power your business with our highly adaptable technology that builds on your consumers’ ever-changing digital social behaviour. Find out fastacash money transfer and remittance solutions for money transfer operators.

Social payment solutions for money transfer operators

One of the most challenging aspects of working overseas is being apart from family and friends. Remote workers stay in touch with loved ones back home through mobile phones, which are indispensable to them.

We’ll help your consumers bridge the distance and feel closer to home with a unique social and emotional experience through your service.

Now remitting money back home is as easy, intuitive and socially engaging as sending a photo to a loved one through social media or a messaging app.

We work together with you on a co-branding and co-marketing partnership approach, giving you access to our powerful customer analytics and insights. It’s a unique approach through which you’ll gain new consumers while keeping your existing ones happier and more engaged.

Compliance with AML/CFT and KYC requirements

Cross-border transactions need to follow regulations as mandated in each market. We ensure that your consumers’ remittances are sent safely to their intended receiver with multiple layers of security, which can be added or removed depending on your requirements.


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