social payments.

Our rapid growth and ever-expanding global network.

“If I can send you a photo through WhatsApp, why can’t I share money with you too?”

The question that inspired a desire to change the way the world makes payments.

Seeing how consumers were interacting across social and with their mobile phones, the team saw an opportunity to simplify payments and came together to address the question:

“How can we bring the worlds of social, mobile and
payments together?”

fastacash powers partners globally

Headquartered in Singapore, we have international teams across the US, the UK, South East Asia and India.

We currently power businesses in 5 international markets. Our partners include banks, remittance companies, mobile payment platforms, mobile wallet services, payment service providers, mobile network operators and social networks.

With the rapid interest in social and messaging commerce, we’re proud to be at the forefront with our omni-channel and agnostic approach, moving towards our vision of creating a global network that empowers people to share value without barriers.

Our journey so far

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